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With the Ride Hard Session Tour we bring BMX, Skateboarding and MTB to your skate park, trails, street spot or event.


On one hand we are looking for suitable ways to realize a tour stop as an independent event, on the other hand a tour stop can be booked to be part of a festival, fair, concert or something similar.

We create an individual tour stop concept which you can integrate into your event.

Be it a portable skate park, a half pipe, a mini ramp or something similar.


Anything is possible - it's up to you.


For sponsors/cooperation partner the RHS tour is the perfect platform to reach your target group, to present the product/the brand to a wide audience through the large number of tour stops and firmly anchoring it in the mind of the public through the event.

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Contest or Jam

The session is not bound by rules. Depending on the location, time, the weather forecast and other decisive factors, the decision is made as to whether the stop will be held in a contest or in the so-called jam format. Both have their own special charm.



2019 | 2020

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1. Stopp | 18.05.2019

Trendsport Basel (CH)

4. Stopp | 28./29.09.2019

Expo Du Velo, Strasbourg (FR)

2. Stopp | 10./11.10.2020
Expo Du Velo, Strasbourg (FR)

2. Stopp | 08.06.2019
Skatepark Yverdon-les-Bains (CH)

5. Stopp | 07.12.2019

Trendsport Basel (CH)

1. Stopp | 30.05.2022
Skatepark im Bürgerpark, Saarbrücken (D)

3. Stopp | 06.07.2019

Skatepark Frauenfeld (CH)

1. Stopp | 25.04.2020
Trendsport Basel (CH)

Ride Hard Session Tour